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July 2019

A few years ago I saw a great ad in the public transport. They stated that 1 of 5 people in Lithuania suffer from mental health issues. It means depression, bipolar disorder, etc. Just think: 20% of your colleagues have mental health problems.

If you are strictly against any sort of problems, if you think that work is for healthy people only, you would have to fire 20% of your employees and find young and healthy people instead... Doesn't it sound familiar like the 30-40th of the 20th century?

The reality is much worse. A lot of people are afraid of seeking for medical help. If you start medical cure, you can lose a right to drive a car for example. You can start dealing with a stygma, that if you deal with a psychiatrist, then something's wrong with you and you are dangerous for the society. Hello from the Soviet stereotypes!

I have a huge respect towards the British royal family, since they have created the foundation Heads Together. They help get rid of the stereotypes that prevent 20% of people live a normal life.

We have Marius Repšys in Lithuania. But we need much more for people that are afraid. For those 20%. For everyone. We need courses. We need prevention of mental health problems. A lot is needed to be done.

Let's start today? ;)